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Leaders shape change.

From Yoko Ono to David Kelley, Seamus has had the opportunity to teach and learn with some of the most creative people in the world.

And at the end of the day, whether you consider yourself an artist like Yoko or an innovator like David, leaders in all fields are trying to do the same thing—shape change. Because nothing in work or life is certain—expect change. Learn how to shape change today.


How to shape change with design thinking.

Design thinking has the power to shape madness with method when people experience change.

This experiential studio introduces an identifiable set of skills essential to developing a strong personal practice of design thinking. The fast-paced hands-on exercises will lay the mental and physical foundation for a potent bias toward action, and a deeper knowledge of the personal skills that expert design thinkers utilize in all phases of their process.


How to shape change with storytelling.

Storytelling has the power to shape how people think, act and feel about ideas.

Walt Disney started one of the largest media companies in the history of the world by being good at making other people better. He called it “plussing”. And from storyboards to theme park rides—it soon became part of the creative culture.

This workshop is for leaders looking to understand “plussing” and how to activate it in their culture through the power of storytelling.


How to shape change with media making.

Media has the power to shape and spread ideas by making stories something people can save and share.

In a world that is messy and unpredictable, human-centered design offers a set of tools, methods, and abilities to navigate complexity and drive positive change.

Design Thinking Studio will help you develop your own human-centered design process through real world projects, immersive fieldwork, and deep collaboration with teammates from across the university. The class is project-based and emphasizes adopting new behaviors of work. You are expected to show up, try new ways of approaching problems, and contribute to the learning of others.

We will ask you to experience, discuss and develop your own design abilities including: navigating ambiguity, learning from others, synthesizing information, experimenting rapidly, building with intention, moving between concrete and abstract, communicating deliberately and designing your design work, through project partnerships and special guest lectures.

Innovation is accelerated by variety of thought, approaches, and experiences. We’re looking to bring together a diversity of cultures and backgrounds to make this the best class possible.

Enrollment is limited and an application is required.