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“We shape our stories; thereafter our stories shape us.”

seamus yu harte




Seamus was born in Detroit and raised in Hell.


(It’s a small town about an hour west of Motown. Yup. Seriously. Google it).

When people aren’t looking he daydreams about his burgeoning career at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce

When people are looking he is a San Francisco based Father, Teacher and Maker. 







Seamus has an imaginary dog named Louis and a real wife named Ann. Louis is a French Bulldog and Ann is a Korean songwriter.


He loves them both. 


In 2017, Seamus and Ann collaborated on making a human being and, well—frankly—their daughter, Luna James Harte, is the most adorable thing in the world.


i Harte Yu is a media experiment by Seamus and Ann to capture, shape, make and share the lessons of learning how to be a family in the 21st century. 


Being a father is Seamus' most important work—but unfortunately it pays $#!%.


Therefore, in an effort to finance his fatherhood he convinces people to give him money. He does this by teaching people things or making them stuff.





From Yoko Ono to David Kelley, Seamus has had the opportunity to teach and learn with some of the most creative people in the world.


But he didn't grow up wanting to be a teacher—or even really thinking about it. In fact he was a terrible student in school. 


However, he did grow up thinking he wanted to change the world.


And it just took him 30 years to realize that teaching is the way to make that happen. 


So what does he teach?


Seamus teaches people how to be better people.

In a world where the future is more uncertain than ever—he believes learning human-centered skills are future proof—a valuable investment of time, money and energy know matter who you might be.

So who does he teach?

Anyone, really.


Seamus has taught executives, doctors, lawyers, artists, musicians, students and more through organizations including The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, Zoo Labs, Stanford Continuing Studies, and Experience Institute


But most of the time you can find him teaching at the Stanford Including these courses:


Creative Gym

Abstract to Concrete

Movie Design

Nutopia by Design


In regards to his own formal education: Seamus holds a BS in Sound Design from SAE and a MFA in Documentary Film + Video from Stanford University where he also received Fellowships from The Stanford Institute for Creativity and the Arts (SiCA) and The San Francisco Foundation.





Seamus likes to make stuff. 


Music Stuff. Video Stuff. Music Video Stuff. Collage Stuff. Doodle Stuff. Poem Stuff. Story Stuff. Book Stuff. Digital Stuff. Analog Stuff. Stuff Stuff.


He likes making stuff. All sorts of stuff. 


When he makes stuff for himself he calls it art.


However, the art work—much like fatherhood—brings him purpose and fulfillment and no money. 




(In fact, most of the time it cost him money—ugh).


That's why he also makes stuff—for money.


Lot's of it. 


When he makes stuff for money he calls it design. 


Most of the stuff he designs is with Only People. 


Only People is an organization designed to research, practice and teach the science, craft and soul of better-making to help people shape change in the world. 


If you want to make something with Seamus and Only People—you should reach out here. 






Father. Teacher. Maker. 


That's who he is. That's what he does. And really, that's all there is to all of that.